A quality education for all remains a sine qua non to ensure a development system that is inclusive and sustainable. This hypothesis has been the common thread of the vision of the Foundation for Economic and Social Development (FODES-5) which, since the early 2000s, has undertaken multiple initiatives contributing to the improvement of the quality of apprenticeships in the Labrousse region.
The overall strategy was to establish a culture of quality education from the EFACAP of Labrousse to benefit as many children as possible in the region in search of a better future. However, it remains an undeniable fact that the desired results are far from being achieved and that the quality of education at EFACAP Labrousse has continued to deteriorate despite the efforts made by (FODES-5) and his partners : classrooms without teachers, declining numbers, lack of managerial and pedagogical leadership, contempt for the school by parents who prefer to send their children to other schools located dozens of kilometers from their home… Just to name a few of the challenges that describe the lamentable state of the EFACAP of Labrousse.
In an attempt to rectify the situation, the Haitian government has just appointed the Parish Priest of Labrousse as the school principal. The latter, considering the government’s limited resources available for education, decided to appeal to Labrousse citizens and its diaspora in order to tackle certain urgent problems affecting the normal functioning of the EFACAP of Labrousse. Convinced of the impact of a school of quality in this region, this group of citizens and diaspora from Labrousse, decided to set up a financing structure in order to support the reforms put in place by the new management of EFACAP in Labrousse. This structure is called CLUB 500 FOR EDUCATION.

Club 500 Presentation

CLUB 500 FOR EDUCATION is an iniatiative of men and women from Labrousse and its surroundings. Created on December 1, 2021, the Club's mission is to mobilize and pull a maximum of resources to invest strategically in the implementation of initiatives capable of contributing to the improvement of the quality of education offered by the EFACAP of Labrousse. Club 500 Inc. is legally registered in the USA under the EIN : 88-0685875.

CLUB Principles

CLUB 500 FOR EDUCATION is based on the following 3 fundamental principles:

Funding based on Results
The allocation of Club resources is strongly conditioned by the achievement of proven, effective and time-bound results. The Club Committee ensures the optimization of resources.

Transparency and Accountability
The Club conducts all of its activities with a view to great transparency, in particular for requests, the allocation of resources and the results that must result from them. At the end of each academic year, the Committee is required to provide a technical and financial report to the members of the Club

The activities financed by the Club cannot be isolated but must always be designed to support the educational projects of the management of ÉFACAP de Labrousse.

Organisation and Functioning of the Club

Club members appoint (ideally by consensus) a committee of 5 members each year to administer the funds. This committee is made up of: The Inspector General – The Treasurer – The Secretary and 2 members. The Committee oversees the optimization of resources and ensures that results are achieved. Specifically, all Club members act as volunteers and assume several levels of responsibility:
Resource Mobilization
The Committee does its best to mobilize as many donors as possible (natural or legal person) to ensure the sustainability of the Club.
On presentation / request of the actors of the ÉFACAP of Labrousse, the Committee, at the beginning of each year, submits to the members of the Club proposals for the allocation of
resources. The members can approve in whole or in part the proposals of the Committee.
Implementation of Projects
The Committee manages the interfaces with the Management of ÉFACAP de Labrousse, which remains solely responsible for the implementation of projects financed by Club resources. It is understood that these projects must all contribute to improving the quality of education offered at EFACAP of Labrousse. The Committee takes all necessary measures to evaluate the projects financed by the Club.
Control and Reporting
The Committee takes all the necessary measures to monitor the progress and evaluate the projects financed by the Club. He demands reports from the school management, allowing him, in turn, to be accountable to the members of the Club.

Club Funding

Member contributions are the main source of funding for CLUB 500 FOR EDUCATION. Basically, each member of the Club subscribes and agrees to pay a minimum contribution annually
equivalent to 500 US dollars. Groups of friends or members of the same family can organize themselves to collect and pay the contribution as mentioned above. This group will be represented by one of their own within the Club. The contribution is payable between December 1 and March 31.
The Committee proposes the best mechanisms for collecting and managing contributions. Ultimately, the Club plans to recruit as many members as possible who will commit to giving the children of Labrousse and neighboring communities the status of active citizens responsible for their development. Finally, the Committee can also be active in seeking other funds from personalities, companies and any other institution wishing to support the initiative and may organize activities to recruit members or raise funds.