Joseph Labrousse

Joseph Labrousse is the President of Club 500. He typically oversees the club activities, conducts quarterly meetings, ensures the financial resources of the club are properly spent and allocated.

Joseph Labrousse was born and grew up in Labrousse. He attended elementary school and moved out to Port-au-Prince when he was 15 years old. He still cherishes many wonderful childhood memories of his community. There, he was well nurtured by superb parents, amazing family members, and wonderful neighbors. His memory of Labrousse is that of a vibrant town full of relatively well-to-do households and active community leaders.

Joseph Labrousse is passionate and excited for the opportunity to help prepare the current generation and the next and to continue the legacy of excellent education that Labrousse is known for.


Francois Merisma

Francois Merisma

Since 2003, I have been coordinating many projects to help improve the quality of education offered to the students in Labrousse Haiti. As a citizen of Labrousse, I am very pleased to be a part of this passionate adventure through Club500 Inc. 


Assistant Secretary


Albert Etienne

Born and raised in the great community of Labrousse. I attended the community school of that time: ÉCOLE NOTRE DAME DE LOURDES led by the Great principal Andre Labrousse.
It is such an honor for me to join Club500 as a member but also as a board member.
Being able to help developing the educational system of our youth and providing a better life to the inhabitants of Labrousse is like a dream come true. I am sincerely honored.



Stephania Etienne

Responsible financial risk management, cash management, investment decisions, and financial planning
Connection to Labrousse
My family is from Labrousse. From a very young age I had the opportunity to experience the wonders that the area had to offer. I vacationed as often as feasible and fell in love with the people and culture. As a proud descendant of Labrousse I became dedicated to the improvement of the educational development of the future generation.

Treasurer Assistant

Jean Mary Nicolas - Treasurer Assistant

Jean Mary Nicolas

Born and raised in Labrousse. I attended the School of Notre Dame de Lourdes de Labrousse.
Later on, to pursue my education, I had to leave Labrousse to move to Port -au – Prince in 1998.
In 2003, after my studies, I went back to Labrousse but as a teacher of the school of Labrousse. I was there for 3 years.
It is an honor and a privilege for me be part of Club 500 in order to support in any way possible the Children of this community that is very dear to me. 

Sr. Advisor & Co-Founder of FODES-5 & Club500


Alfred Etienne

Labrousse is my native land. In 1998, alongside several other inhabitants, we founded FODES-5 which greatly contribute to the development of the region of Labrousse and surrounding cities. Club500 is now an extension of FODES-5.
Today, I am proud to be the co-founder of Club500 in order to continue to develop the educational system of Labrousse. 

Sr. Advisor & President of FODES-5

Wantously Nicolas - Special Advisor

Wantously Nicola

Born and raised in Labrousse Haiti. At a young age, I had to leave my parents and my community that I Iove so much to pursue my education in Port-au-Prince but my heart never left. As the current president of FODES-5, It is an honor for me to join Club500 as a member and advisor and to continue to support the development of my community. Because so much has been invested in me, now I make it my priority to give back to ensure a better future for the youth of the community of Labrousse.

Sr. Advisor & Partner of FODES-5

Jean Pierre Tchang

Jean Pierre Tchang

In 2001, I visited Labrousse for the first time in order to support FODES-5. I was instantly seduced by the people of Labrousse who were so kind and welcoming.  I have been coming back ever since then as a partner of FODES-5. It is with tremendous happiness that I am now a member of Club500 to continue to support the development of Labrousse. 

Advisor & PR Assistant

Socrates Etienne

Socrates Etienne

Socrates is currently an entrepreneur with an extensive experience in supporting and developing small businesses. His tenacity and perseverance in the business world is exemplified by his outstanding achievements and backed by his academic qualifications. Born and raised in Labrousse, Socrates is now actively participating in the development of the educational system of his community. He values education and strongly believes education was the key that has opened so many doors for him and will be the key to open many doors for the youth in Labrousse. 

PR Director & Planner of Annual Fundraising Gala

johanne Etienne

Johanne Etienne

Public Relations Specialist
Main Organizer of Club 500 Annual Fundraising Gala.
Manager of Club 500 Social Media Platforms and website.

Liaison to Labrousse
My siblings and I grew up in the city of Port-au-Prince. But my father, Alfred Etienne, is a native of this small paradise located in the South of Haiti. I remember my very first summer vacation in Labrousse at a time when there weren’t any roads or electricity. Life was simple and extremely fun. I will always carry and cherish those lasting memories with me. It is with great honor and passion that I serve in Club500 to help develop my beautiful Village of Labrousse.